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When do I get cheap car insurance? Should I go on my parents’ policy or get my own?

By June 10, 2020Insurance

The Secret of Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Good news, Erie Insurance provides regular adult rates at the age of 24. Most other carriers wait until the age of 25. I’m going to tell you a secret when you ask for cheap car insurance, that’s not typically a good sign to insurance companies.  What you want is the best bang for your buck.

We can make car insurance cheap. The rate for state minimum limits in PA is already quoted on your declarations page on a policy, per state law. We don’t recommend state minimum limits to anyone. I wouldn’t even want to back out of my driveway if I had a cheap “whatever the minimum is” policy.

The “whatever the minimum is” limit is $5,000 of property damaged in an accident. What if you rear-end a late model Toyota Camry? You are personally on the hook for $10,000+. Not exactly cheap.

The Real Lesson

Here’s the thing, that red flag I was talking about is all about attitude, and how you operate a car. What you are saying is, I’m not really concerned about my neighbors or the people in my town. If they get hit or, someone is hurt by these actions I’m not really concerned about my insurance stepping up for my poor driving. But “car insurance is so expensive” right, “I’m only 21!”.

If you get a vehicle registered in your name, you must get insurance in your name. It may be cheaper to stay on your parent’s policy. There are many factors such as year make and model of car, coverage limits, deductible amounts, tort options, etc.  We’ll be able to find reasonably priced car insurance for your circumstances.

Shoot us an email at and we can use our experience and knowledge to make sure you are getting the best “bang for your buck”. Or if you prefer to go here for an online auto quote, and when it’s routed to our agency, we can refine it and finished the process all online from start to finish.

Take Care!

Andy Pratt

Owner, Pratt Insurance Agency, LLC

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