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Do I need to buy insurance on the rental car I’m getting while on vacation? Doesn’t my policy cover it already?

By April 8, 2021Insurance

We get this question all the time at the agency. Here’s my answer; yes, to both questions. Let me explain why below using a quick example.

Let’s say you get a rental car at the airport of your vacation destination.  You decided to buy extra insurance offered by Hertz, Enterprise, or National Car rental because you called our agency asking for advice. After using the car for your well-deserved week’s vacation you notice that someone hit the car while you were parked at the hotel parking lot.

You notice this damage on the last day of your vacation while packing the car heading to the airport to get back home. You get to the airport, unload and return the car and say, “Oh there’s a large dent in the passenger side door, I think someone hit it while we were parked.”

If you’ve purchased insurance from the rental company, they’ll say “ok thanks for letting us know, you are set” you throw them the keys and get to the gate just time for your flight.

Let’s say you chose NOT to buy the insurance from the rental car company. You now have to file a claim with the rental company and complete loads of paperwork. You must use your own insurance policy (and deductible) to pay for damage to the car only. The rental car company will charge you for the time the car isn’t being rented while it’s being fixed. They also charge you the devaluation of the car now that it has been in an accident. This can cost thousands of dollars and will NOT be covered by your auto policy. Not to mention you probably also missed your flight!

Next time you’re faced with the decision it is up to you, but now you can make a more informed choice! Safe travels!


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